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Contribution to the society on which a temperature control professional works

OSAKA REIKEN has contributed to society in the various manufacturing fields with heat management technology provided by temperature control since its establishment.

Especially, in recent years, our technology and know-how of the resin solid state polymerization in the PET recycling industry is highly appreciated from various fields, and we feel proud that we contribute to the global reduction of environmental load.

Moreover, our heat management technology and know-how accumulated over the years is of excellent unrivaled level, and has been highly appreciated widely not only in Japan but also foreign countries.

Our products that can be said to be the realization of its technical capabilities has greatly supported, backed by the excellent accuracy and stability.

For the global environment, especially global warming countermeasures are required, as a corporation that can support both sides of ecology and technology, we will consider responses to user needs in a global perspective.

By all means please expect our technological development and our proposal for the future.

Yoshiki Kanaoka
Representative Director

Company Profile

Company Name
in 1970
Representative Director
Yoshiki Kanaoka
Company Profile
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  • PET Dryer Systems
  • PET Crystallizer Systems
  • PET Solid State Polymerization Systems
  • PET Injection Molding Chiller Units
  • PET Blow Molding Temperature Control Units
  • Roll Temperature Control Units for Extruder
  • Mold Chiller Units for High Cycle Injection Molding
  • Mold Temperature Control Units
  • Mold Dehumidifier Units.
  • EV/HEV Evaluation Systems for Heat Shock
  • Other Customized Temperature Control Units

Company policy

  1. Customers provide us with work.
  2. Our suppliers sell products to us.
  3. Partners from cooperating companies provide the value of their work.
  4. Employees work for the benefit of everyone.

We aim to cultivate a corporate culture that approaches everything with gratitude and a humble attitude.
We strive to create a company where everyone possesses a compassionate heart, collaborates with each other, and works towards becoming a company that people can proudly say they are glad to be a part of.

Corporate philosophy

1. Be humble. 2. Be sincere. 3. Be grateful. 4. Always embrace challenges. 5. Persevere in everything. 6. Have high aspirations. 7. Maintain good health.

Code of Conduct

Our company outlines the following principles as a code of conduct for the actions of both individuals and the entire organization:

  1. Integrity and Fairness:
    Practice sincere and fair conduct, adhering to ethical standards. Respect the truth and promote just and fair decision-making.
  2. Collaboration and Teamwork:
    Emphasize collaboration and teamwork, working with members from diverse backgrounds and skills to achieve common goals. Respect each other, provide assistance, and share in success.
  3. Customer-Centric Approach:
    Prioritize responsiveness to customer needs and expectations, dedicating ourselves to improving the quality of services and products. Build and maintain trust with customers.
  4. Innovation and Creativity:
    Continuously pursue improvement, encouraging innovation and creativity. Actively welcome new ideas, challenges, and foster a culture of growth.
  5. Responsibility and Trust:
    Each individual understands their responsibility and engages in trustworthy behavior. Keep promises and fulfill responsibilities towards other team members.
  6. Diversity and Inclusion:
    Respect diversity, foster an open environment accepting different opinions and backgrounds. Build an inclusive culture, respecting individual diversity.
  7. Learning and Growth:
    Encourage continuous learning and growth, viewing mistakes and failures as opportunities to learn. Constantly strive for self-improvement and share knowledge and skills.
  8. Social Responsibility:
    Acknowledge responsibility towards the local community and the environment. Engage in sustainable business practices while considering social impacts.

These guiding principles are based on our company's mission and values, with the expectation that they are shared and practiced throughout the entire organization.

Quality Policy

Our company emphasizes comprehensive quality management, including the improvement of customer satisfaction, and adheres to the following principles in formulating our quality policy:

  1. Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction:
    We prioritize meeting customer expectations and building trust, striving for the improvement of product and service quality.
  2. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations:
    We strictly adhere to all laws and regulations related to the provision of products and services, ensuring the quality of our products through compliance.
  3. Sustainable Improvement:
    We promote the efficiency enhancement of quality management processes and continuous improvement in quality.
    All employees share responsibility for quality.
  4. Employee Development and Participation:
    We foster an environment where employees understand quality objectives and can contribute to quality improvement.
    Active participation is encouraged.
  5. Environmental Consideration:
    In providing products and services, we actively work towards minimizing environmental impact and considering environmental sustainability.
  6. Building Collaborative Relationships:
    We collaborate with suppliers and partners to achieve common quality goals through cooperation.
  7. Transparency and Communication of Information:
    Information regarding quality is provided to stakeholders through transparent and honest communication, building trust with takeholders.

This policy is made to be shared and understood throughout the organization, with continuous review and improvement as our commitment.

Environmental Declaration

Our company, understanding its responsibility to the environment, declares the following principles as our environmental statement:

  1. Sustainable Operations:
    Minimize the impact on the natural environment in the operation of our organization and fulfill our responsibility to future generations.
  2. Compliance with Environmental Laws:
    Strictly adhere to relevant environmental laws and regulations, fulfilling our legal responsibility to the environment.
  3. Improvement of Energy Efficiency:
    Promote the efficient use of energy to reduce the environmental burden.
  4. Advancement of Renewable Energy:
    Encourage the adoption of renewable energy to reduce dependence on environmentally impactful sources.
  5. Waste Reduction and Recycling:
    Minimize waste and promote recycling wherever possible to ensure effective use of resources.
  6. Environmental Consideration in the Supply Chain:
    Promote environmental considerations throughout the supply chain, exercising leadership in environmental responsibility.
  7. Environmental Education and Communication:
    Raise awareness about the environment among employees and stakeholders, disclose information, and ensure transparency.
  8. Continuous Improvement:
    Conduct continuous assessment and improvement in environmental initiatives, striving for efforts toward a sustainable future.

This declaration is made to be shared and understood throughout the organization, with ongoing reviews and improvements as our commitment.


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