Molding equipment:Mold Temperature Controller (oil)

High grade temperature control system to support assured precision molding

High grade temperature controller built to meet strict demands of high molding precision by considered characteristics of the heating medium.


Injection Molding
Blow Molding
Cooling Roll

Temperature Control

50 to 200 degC

A High Grade Temperature Control System to Support Assured Precision Molding

A temperature controller which is built after many experiences considering characteristics of the heating medium.

High Grade Temperature Controller Built To Meet Strict Demands For High Molding Precision.

  • The high technology owned by Reiken challenged the ultimate of molding precision. The equipment is the product of confidence and reliability.
  • Mold activation by Reiken heat exchanging technology.
  • Rigid technical standards of Reiken pump, the highest flow rate and head ever reached.
  • Safety minded Reiken design to secure 100 % safety.

To Meet Ever Diversifying Market Needs, This Has A Connection System Of "S", "W" And "T" Types To Offer A Wide Choice According To The Space In The Shop And The Management Needs.

Connections of double and triple control lines are possible. With the cascade pump adopted, the oil is circulated sufficiently under high pressure to afford stable oil temperature. By the proportional control actions and high low switching of the heater, a very high temperature accuracy (± 1 degC), smooth setting of temperature and saving in energy consumption are possible. A sensor switch is provides. A mold temperature sensor is available to order.