PET system:Mold Chilling Unit for PET

High accuracy mold temperature control for injection molding

Mold of Injection molding is controlled with 5-20 deg C by high accuracy control. It achieves product manufacturing which is high-quality and stable.


PET Preform Injection Molding
Medium and Large sized Injection Molding

Temperature Control

5 to 20 degC

Required Installation Space

An installation area 15% smaller compared with conventional models. (Our "WN" series models)

Capacity Control

Capacity control function 100 to 33 to 0%
Starting and stopping the compressor less frequently allows long term operation.
(No material fatigue caused by vibration during start and stop operations.)
Decreased power cost through start and stop operations.

Medium Circulation Pump

  • Designed to match load resistance. (Option)
  • Adopted inverter to release air in plumbing after the mold has been replaced for maintenance work. (Option)
  • Hot runner temperature maintained inside the mold when operation of the load is stopped (For flow control) (Option)


Semi-hermetic reciprocating type is adopted.
Adopted 2 pole electric motor for model DC-20-WR and 4 pole electric motor for larger than DC-30-WR.
The compressors can tolerate the hard operation of industrial chiller units.


Shell and tube type is adopted.
The majority of faults on refrigerators, when low quality cooling water is used, are attributable to the faulty condensing of the refrigerant due to poor water quality.
Design with marginal capacity.
The condenser is designed with the condensing temperature set to 42 degC.
Compared with competitors set to 45 degC.
Easy cleaning inside the tubes without chemicals for environment concern.


Shell and tube type is adopted.
Design with marginal capacity.
Sufficiently large heat transfer area by setting a temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the evaporator at 3 degC compared with competitors that are set to 5 degC.
Pressure loss is the lowest.


R407C (Substitution of Freon)
The ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of this refrigerant is zero.

DI water unit (Optional)

Countermeasures for scale adherence.
Maintains the electric conductivity of the system and medium water in the load to 0.1 mS/m (1 uS/cm).
Monitor function.
The electric conductivity meter displays the conductivity of the water medium.